GAA Blanket Drive for the Needy Ones

Dear Xavierians and Marians,

The new GAA Board would like to wish all of you and your family a very Happy New Year. We are currently working to update the Life Members’ List and the current database might be incomplete and some may be out of date as well. If you know any life members who have not been receiving emails from GAA then do let us know and we will make sure that life members info are updated often.

The GAA Board has decided to contribute Rs 100,000 (One Lakh Rupees) for the cold wave victims in Terai region. GAA will buy blankets and distribute it to the families in Terai. This project has been initiated by Vice President Mr. Binod Tuladhar (74′). You can contact him at 98510-20824 or send him an email at for further info on how to contribute for this project.

GAA is planning to open a separate ‘Disaster Relief & Management’ Account in the future to help those in need during times of natural disasters. We will keep you updated on this as well. Currently, we are using the bank accounts below:

NMB Bank Limited
A/C Number : 06830-40034-84410-00001
A/C Name: GAA

Himalayan Bank Limited
A/C Number: 01900099520013
A/C Name: Godavari Alumni Association

Please make sure that you coordinate with our VP Binod Tuladhar if you would like to contribute in cash or in kind.

With best wishes,

Bhoo Arun Malla (’86)
Godavari Alumni Association

Here is the contributors’ list as of Jan 16th, 2018: (pledges,cash and in-kind).
(if you have contributed and your name is not on the list, please email us and we will update it)

1. Poshan KC (’82) : Rs 10,000
2. AJ Thapa (’86) : Rs 10,000
3. Dr. Jyoti R. Dhakhwa (’70) / (Immediate Past President) : Rs 5,000
4. Rajib Rajbhandari (’73): Rs 50,000
5. Manohar Prasad Sherchan (’66): Rs 5,000
6. Deepak Man Sherchan (’65) /Board of Trustee : Rs 10,000
7. Gen. Shamsher Thakurathi: Rs 3,000
8. Bhoo Arun Malla (President, GAA) : Rs 3,000
9. Nima Sherpa (Outdoor Adventure): Rs 6,000
10. Prakash Shrestha (’93): Rs 5,000
11. Bijaya Man Sherchan (’61): Rs 3,000
12. Vijayananda Vaidya (’73): Rs 3,000
13. Rajendra Man Sherchan (’68) /(Past President) : Rs 6,000
14. Ujjwal Man Tuladhar : Rs 5,000
15. Batch of 1981: Rs 25,000
16. Monty Basnet (’86): Rs 4,590
17. Alok Tumbahangphey (’95) /(Past President): Rs 3,000
18. Batch of 1979 : Rs 10,000
19. Suhrit Pradhan (’86): Rs 5,000
20. Nirajan Gurung : Rs 6,500
21. Batch of 1991: Rs 10,000
22. Anup Maskey (’85) : Rs 5,000
23. Batch of 1976: Rs 10,000
24. Krishna Shrestha Family : Rs 10,000
(Bijaya ’65, Sanjaya ’92, Ajaya ’95, Prajaya ’03)