About Us

Live for God
Lead for Nepal

Godavari Alumni Association (GAA) is a non-political, social, voluntary organisation of alumni of St. Xavier's Schools, St. Mary's and related Jesuit institutions in Nepal.

GAA was officially established on 2nd October, 1965 and is registered with the District Administration Office (DAO), Kathmandu and Social Welfare Council, Nepal.

The GAA aims primarily:

A. To encourage its members to continue their loyalty to the ideals of their school days. Our Motto is "Live For God, Lead for Nepal."

This means that members strive to become fully human, truly modern, loyal citizens of Nepal, the world and eternity; to become open to God, the Nation and all men, women and children, showing this openness by service to those in need, and by being actively concerned about national and international development and

B. To stimulate its members to be persons who live for God so that, in one's way and place, one leads Nepal and the world to greater development, truer peace and happiness: who will strive for high thinking and plain living; who will be outstanding for politeness, good manners, thoughtfulness, and honesty.

The GAA has, as its secondary aims:

  1. The social and cultural improvement of its members
  2. The provision of study and recreational facilities for its members
  3. The encouragement of a friendly atmosphere for the discussion of topics of scholarly and social interest of its members.
  4. Provide help or assistance to the program of youth, poor, the needy and vulnerable communities.
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